Vision & Mission

Welcome to Shikshan Maharshi Guruvarya R. G. Shinde Mahavidyalaya | Vision & Mission

Our vission

Nothing is impossible, when we stand united.


Our Mission

  • To inculcate and develop a desire for higher education especially among the girl students from rural area.
  • We aim at all round development of the students including intellectual, rural, physical and cultural development by providing them due opportunities.
  • To facilitate value based education in the realm of higher education.
  • To bring out the best in students through academic and extracurricular activities and shape their personalities to make them instrumental for growth of healthy society.
  • Quality in education has no option for us. We strive to impact maintain and enhance it through every means at our disposal.
  • To set in motion the forces that shape students intrinsic abilities so as to make them responsible and respective citizen.
  • To empower stakeholders by exploring their hidden potential.
  • To foster independent thinking in students by offering academic atmosphere congenial for metamorphosis of a novice into seer and sage.