Professional Accounting And Taxation

Professional Accounting And Taxation


Accounting and Taxation plays a vital role in the development of any economy. The growth and development of each economy depend on equitable management and multiplication of resources. Accounting is all about expenses, savings and taxation are all about income.

Professional Accounting and Taxation is a 3-year degree course with multiple exits in diploma, advanced diploma, degree level. The accounting and taxation sector projected to grow by 10% from 2016 to 2026 faster than the average for all occupations. In globalization, a growing economy, and a complex tax and regulatory environment are expected to continue to lead to a strong demand for in accountant and taxation field.

Professional Accounting and Taxation field accountants will prepare financial statements, record business transactions, income tax filings, generate Goods and Services Tax (GST) statement, develop a business budget, develop and manage an organization's financial plans, prepare tax statements for a particular taxpayer

• Improve the student skill in Preparing Financial Statements, Auditing, Budget Analysis, Management Accounting, Financial Accounting,
• In the Field of Direct and Indirect Taxes enable the student in comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge.
• Improve student skills in Updating and Enabling Computer Use.
• Able to Improve Managerial and Communication Skills of student
Sr. No Course Particulars Establishment
1 B.Voc-Professional Accounting and Taxation First Year 2019-20
Sr. No. Name of the Teaching staff Qualification Designation
1. Mr. Kale Santosh S. M.Com. , NET, SET, CMA(Inter),G.D.C & A, D.T.L Coordinator- Professional Accounting and Taxation
2. Mrs.A.U.Toge M.Com Assistant Professor (C.H.B)
• Accountant
• Accounting Assistant
• Accounting Clerk
• Accounting Manager
• Budget Analyst
• Government Accounting
• Payroll Clerk
• Tax consultant
• Tax Return Preparer
• Tax Manager
• Tax Adviser
Job Available In:
• Bank
• Government
• Company
• Self-business