Department of Hindi


Hindi department is established in June 1993 in college, as per the university rule teaching learning process is followed by annual plan every year. The student population of Hindi department is remarkable.

The students of Hindi department is form rural background therefore it is our duty to make him eligible on both front i.e. theoretical knowledge and commercial knowledge and for this our department organize co-curricular and extracurricular activity for the overall development of our students discussion among students, interviews, Sahitya Mandala performing poems, plays etc. are some of important features of student.

Our department arranges group discussion, seminars for students regarding literally articles, news paper writers, lecturers Sahitya Sammelen are concerned at the sometime our management offer us an opportunity to participate in seminars conference conducted by various colleges and universcities.

Our assistant professor Mr. Raut B.B. awarded PhD degree by Dr.B.A.M.U Univercity Aurangabad and assistant professor Mr. Mane B.Y. his PhD work has been completed.

Our departmental students are well known for their good academic record, results and their placement is concerned.

Scope of the Subject

Paranda is the last end of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedker Marathwada University, Aurangabad; it is rural, drought area; the area is socially, economically backward. In this area R. G. Shinde guruji saw a seed of higher education with the intention and goal to educate the society for better tomorrow; this is a one kind of movement in this remote, isolated area where there is no source of education. With the starting of this college in Paranda; the Hindi Department established in the year 1993. The department has to face many challenges; the college is in rural area with rural background of the student; teaching English to those students is difficult process; another thing is creating interest for Hindi learning is one more mile stone for the department.

The department found the scope in this critical situation; there is a scope to teach HIndi language to the rural student; to introduce student with global world; to give student confidence, to encourage students, to inspire students to learn Hindi language; there is a scope to introduce student with various opportunities etc. There is lot of scope to the department of Hindi in this area.

The Goal of the Department

The department of Hindi aim to provide all students opportunities to enhance their communication and critical thinking skill.


1. To preserve Hindi literature and culture among the students.
2. To explain dain literature on critical point on view to decrease social startification and to develop social.
3. To develop aptitude among the students about rural Hindi literature, realism story, poem, novel etc.
4. Without effect of various trends of interdisciplinary language; to introduce old, middle & modern Hindi literature to students to preserve the identity of Hindi language.
5. At present researcher contributed Hindi language philosophy & various thoughts; they also pries to give scientific attitude to Hindi language.
6. To develop reading ability among the students.
7. In this way always Hindi department tries to achieve aims and adjectives decided by college & University to develop overall personality of the students through teaching learning process and cocurricular activities.


Hindi Department has tried to develop scientific attitude, moral values and quality enhancement of the student throgh curricular, Co-curricular and Extension activities from educational year 1993 to present year as follws.

Teachers of the Department engaged in research acitivities like Prof. Raut B.B Awarded Ph.D. and Prof.Mane B.Y. is submitted thesis.

Teachers of the department not only attended but also presented their papers in the seminars and conference on university, state and national level. 40 conference and seminars attended and registered themselves in the research activity.

Department become successful to imbibe the students about changing trends and concepts in teaching learning process as they gained knowledge from seminars and conference.

Department has approach, student should not become only examine but they should learn form education we organize Co-curricular and extracurricular activities like N.S.S., cultural and extension activities.

Achievements of the Department
• Dr. Nilophar Chaudhari - M.A.Ph.D Net Set Assi.Prof
• Mr. Bhoi Bansingh - M.Phill Ph.D Appear Net Set
• Mr. Javed Pathan - Net
• Mr. Dipak Huke - M.A. Bed Assi. Teacher
Sr. No University/ Board Courses The year of Establishment
1 B. A. UG B.A.I 1993
2 B. A. UG B.A.II. 1994
3 B. A. UG B.A.III 1995
4 B. Com UG B. Com I 2011
5 B. Com UG B. Com II 2012
6 BSc UG BSc I
Faculty of the Department

The Department got permanent faculty in 1993

Sr. No. Faculty of the Department Tenure
1 Mr. Bhimrao Y. Mane M.A., Head and Assistant Professor From 1995 up to till date
2 Dr. Balasaheb B. Raut Assistant Professor From 1995 up to till date
Best Practices of the Department

The students for the department are from rural background; there is a fear and threat about Hindi language in the mind of students. It is big challenge for the department to create fearless atmosphere to learn Hindi language. For that purpose it is important to create interest among the students for Hindi language. With this intention the department uses PPT, reading, writing, speaking activities. These are the best practices of the department to attract the students towards department.


The Department has following Future Plan

• To develop and to conserve Hindi language, Department is going to establish committee in assistance with school in the area.
• To develop departmental library for students preparing for competitive examination.
• To establish literary committee of Readers interested in literature and literary organization.
• To organize workshop to develop Departmental Students educationally , politically and culturally in at 2019-20.
• To take major & minor research project on Hindi in 2019-20.