Literary Association


Literature is the mirror of the society. It is the mixture of reality and imagination. The aim of teaching literature to the students is to imbibe human values, moral, ethics in the students. Literary Association includes languages- Marathi, Hindi and English. Literary Association is a platform for overall development; the aim is to develop multidimensional personality of the students. For that purpose the association organise, conduct many programmes- Experts Lecture, Elocution competition, Debate, Discussion, Seminar, etc. to give stage confidence to the students. The association always encourage students to write and read. To evoke imagination in the students, teacher always inspire the students to write- Poem, article, joke, wallpaper, etc. The association display collected written material on the board of “Literary Association”; then every year Literary Association publish displayed student material in yearly college magazine “Navyug”. Literary Association is a small step of the language department to provide opportunity to students to develop, grow, and modify their qualities.


To develop multidimensional personality by providing opportunity to the students


• To provide stage opportunity
• To inspire students to write- poem, article, joke etc.
• To develop soft Skills
• To develop language competency
• To shape multinational personality of the students
• To create job opportunity in various fields- Journalism, translation, media, etc.
• To imbibe human values, moral, ethics etc.
• To develop national integrity
• To develop ability to shoulder social responsibility
• To develop quality of leadership and attitude of unity