Department of Marathi

Marathi department is established in June 1992 in college. As per the University rule, teaching-learning process is followed by annual plan. Every year the student population of Marathi dept. is remarkable. This is year 242 students are enrolled for B.A. faculty.

The student of Marathi dept. is form rural background. Therefore it is our duty to make him eligible on both front i.e. theoretical knowledge and commercial knowledge. And for this, our dept. organizes co-curricular & extra-curricular activities for the overall development up our students. Discussion among students, interviews, sahitya mandal, performing poems, plays etc. are some of important features for students.

Our dept. arranges group discussion seminars for students regarding literally articles in Newspapers, writers, lectures, sahitya-sammelan are concerned. At the sometime our management offers us an opportunity to participate in seminars, conferences conducted by various college and Universities.

Our assistant professor Dr. Randil G.S. has awarded Ph.D. degree from Dr. B. A. M. University, Aurangabad in the year 2016. And assistant professor & Head Dr. Gaikwad H. M. awarded Ph. D. in Dec 2016 by Dr. B. A. M. University, Aurangabad. Our departmental students are well known for their good academic carrier, result and there placement is concerned.

Importance of the Marathi subject

• It is a medium of communication.
• Social Inheritance.
The Goal of the Department

The Department of Marathi aims to provide all students opportunities to enhance their Linguistic skills, Language conservation in present global era, communication skill, development of language culture and research skill and critical thinking skill.

Objectives of Marathi Department
1. To preserve Marathi literature and culture among the students.
2. To explain dalit literature on critical point on view to decrease social Stratification and to develop social.
3. On the garrisons of decline various forms of Marathi like folksong, lavani, tamasha, bharud etc. to permanency to Marathi language.
4. To develop aptitude among the students about rural Marathi literature, realism story, poem, novel etc.
5. Without effect of various trends of interdisciplinary language; to introduce old, middle & modern Marathi literature to students to preserve the identify of Marathi language.
6. At present researcher contributed Marathi language philosophy & various thoughts; they also pries to give scientific attitude to Marathi language.
7. To develop reading ability among the students. In this way always Marathi department tries to achieve aims and adjectives decided by college & University develop overall personality of the students through teaching learning process and co-curricular activities.
Sr. No University/ Board Courses The year of Establishment
1 B. A. UG B.A.I 1992
2 B. A. UG B.A.II. 1993
3 B. A. UG B.A.III 1994
4 B. Com UG B. Com I 2011
5 B. Com UG B. Com II 2012
Faculty of the Department
Sr. No. Faculty of the Department Tenure
1 Dr. Harishchandra M. Gaikwad M.A., Ph.D. Head and Associate Professor From 1991 up to till date
2 Dr. Gajendra S. Randil M. A. Ph. D. Assistant Professor From 1995 up to till date
3 Miss. Sarika Patil CHB appointed in June 2018
Achievements of the Department

Marathi Department has tried to develop scientific attitude, moral values and quality enhancement of the students through curricular, Co-curricular and Extension activities from educational year1992 to present year as follows. Teachers of the Department engaged in research activities like Prof. Randil G.S. & Prof. Gaikwad H.M awarded Ph. D. Degree in the year 2016 from Dr. B. A. M. University, Aurangabad.

Teachers of the department not only attended but also presented their papers in the Seminars and conferences on university, state and national level. 35 conferences and seminars attended and registered themselves in the research activity.

Department become successful to imbibe the student about changing trends and concepts in teaching learning process as they gained knowledge from seminars and conference.

Department has approach, Student should not become only examine but they should learn from education .We organize Co-curricular and extracurricular activities like N.S.S, cultural and extension activities Thus Department got success to achieve institutional goals and objectives.

Best Practices of the Department

The students for the department are from rural background; there is a fear and threat about English language in the mind of students. It is big challenge for the department to create fearless atmosphere to learn English language. For that purpose it is important to create interest among the students for English language. With this intention the department uses Film, PPT, Video, reading, writing, speaking activities. These are the best practices of the department to attract the students towards department.

1. To get success to students of the Marathi department in the age information and technology department has developed relationship with the IT college conduct interdisciplinary workshop in future.
2. To develop and to conserve Marathi language, Department is going to establish committee in assistance with schools in the area.
3. To develop departmental library for students preparing for competitive examination.
4. To establish literary committee of Readers interested in literature and literary organization
5. To organize workshop to develop Departmental Students educationally, politically and culturally.