Paranda History

Paranda History
Paranda History

Paranda is a well-known historical city. Before 40 years very few schools were available to provide education in Paranda. Educational facility after matriculation was not available. The students had to go to Solapur, Pune, Mumbai and Aurangabad for the higher education. Only rich family students were able to seek such education.

According to tradition, once upon a time there lived demon(rakshas in Sanskrit and marathi) named Prachandasur (The huge giant) here and ruled this area with his companions and brother demon Suvarnasur living in nearby village today named as Sonari, Bhuamasur of place today known as Bhoom and Kandasur of village today named as Kandari. Lord KalBhairav killed all these demons(rakshas) hence the following places are named after the locations where they lived.

Kolegaon (Kalyan Sagar) Dam: It was located near the village of Domgaom on Seena river. It was a scenic beauty of nature.The temple of Kalyanswami the one of the loved followers of Ramdas swami, was now surrounded by water by its three sided. The migrated birds were also found in that locations.The backwater of that dam was reached to the village, Sonari. You can enjoy your weekend there.

The city is located around the historical fort. The river Seena flows from the taluka area which gives fine quality of sand. The city was the capital for near about 4000 villages in the past and named as "Parinda" at that time. The municipal council of the city was founded in 1941. This is oldest municipal council in the Osmanabad district.

There are total 97 villages in the Paranda taluka. The legislative assembly seat no. is 208 (Paranda) and parliament seat no. is 236. There is an ancient historical fort in Paranda town. Paranda has great historical background. Paranda is also known as a Taluka of mosques and temples.

There is a very large and an ancient fort in Paranda Town which is probably over 1000 years old. The fort has not faced any battle in its history and was used as storage depot for cannon and other weapons and even today few of them are lying there.