History is the prospector for produce and not of principles – Edmand Bark.

History is one of the important subjects in arts faculty. It is defined as ‘A continual communication between the past and present’. It means that history is not related just with the past, but it has a connection with the present and future also. History is a continuous process of interaction between the historians and his facts. History is an unending dialogue between the present the past. It decides the undercurrents of the present society. If we do not know the past, it becomes quite difficult to take decisions in the present that will shape our future. Such is the importance of history.

In an ancient times history was just a story of Kings and Queens but in modern times its scope has changed. Whether history is an art or a science was also a point of constant debate, but now it a social science. The human element of history makes it an interesting subject for all. Francis Bacon, a famous English thinker says that ‘History makes man wise’. From the student’s point of view, history is one of the major subjects for the aspirers of Competitive Examinations.

The study of history is important because it allows one to make more Sense of the current world. one can look at past economic and cultural trends and be able to offer reasonable Predictions of what will happen nearest in today’s world one can also understand why some rules enlist in the modern world. For example one can understand the importance of social welfare programs if one looks at the great depression and item deal we can also look back on the civil Rights movement and see the united status puts so much effort into creating system where everyone is equal before the law and has equal access to public amenities History enables us to understand different cultures. If those are not good reasons for studying history one can study history because it allows one to exercise their critical thinking skills. these critical thinking skills are important for all areas in life academic and otherwise Historian also write a great deal a study of history allows one to practice writing for different audiences.


The horizons of history are comprehensive. Today History is not just a record of events but it is an independent branch of study which deals with arts, religion, architecture, traditions, aesthetics, etc. It helps in factual understanding of the things. It increases knowledge, understanding .It creates awareness of time and space, society and culture. It promotes values, it makes us respect the opinions of our fellow beings. It gives us courage to handle notorious issues with complete sympathy. It inculcates loyalty to the nation. In short, history becomes useful for shaping the personality of balanced future citizens. Hence it is a comprehensive and all encompassing subject.

History narrates the past-which is seen in all its resources too. As Logilos and Sinbos say,’ No documents no history.’ It enlarges human experience. It makes him understand the co-relation between a series of events. Prof. Alton in his book ‘The Practice of History’ states, ’Historical knowledge gives solidity to the understanding of the present and may suggest guiding lines for the future’.

Moreover, history gives rational attitude and increases reasoning power. R.G. Colling Wood in his book, ‘Idea of History’ speaks of the scope of history in the following words. ‘History has a values, its teachings are useful for human life, simply because the rhythm of its change is likely to repeat itself .Similar antecedents leading to similar consequents,’ the history of notable events is worth remembering in order to serve as a basis for prognostic, judgments not demonstrable but probable laying down not what will happen, but what is likely to happen, indicating the paints of danger in rhythms now going on.

The scope of History is vast it is the story of man in relation to totality of his behavior. The scope of history means breaths comprehensiveness, variety and extent of learning experiences, provided by the study. History which was only limited to local saga has during the course of century become Universal history of mankind, social, cultural, scientific, technological, religious and artistic etc. and at various levels local regional, national and international. It starts with past, makes present it’s sheet anchor and points to the future. Event like wars, revolutions, rise and fall of empires fortunes and misfortunes of great empire builders as well as the masses in general are all subject matter of history. History is a comprehensive subject and includes - history of geography, history of art, History of culture, history of literature, history of civilization, History of religion, History of mathematics, History of Physic, History of Chemistry, History of education, History of Biology, History of atom, History of Philosophy and every social, physical and natural science we are interested in history today has become an Our - embracing, Comprehensive subject with almost limited extent.


S. G. R. G. Shinde College was established in 1986. The History dept. was also established at the same time and started catering education to first year students. The first graduation batch came out in 1989. It is one of the departments in Arts faculty.

The department of History has been establishment in June 1986. The department had been started with 10 students. So far 29 batches passed out successfully from the department and are on proud position & are making our department a renowned one. The Department has a current workload of 32 theory lectures. Total strength of students for the A. Y. 2018-19 is 183. Among them 57 are girls and 126 are boys.

Dr. Mrs. D. D. Sawale (M. A., M. Ed., Ph. D.) (Principal) is the H. O. D. of the department. She is not only active in teaching-Learning activities but also involved in research and social work. She is honoured by various awards by Govt. bodies & NGO’s. She has completed two MRPs, one funded by self & the other by UGC. Under the able leadership of her our department & college is emerging as a renowned institution in Osmanabad district. She has contributed in syllabus forming as a chairperson of B. O. S. Her various books on Maratha Empire are useful for the students.

Along with Dr. Mrs. Sawale D. D., Mr. Manjare D. V. (M. A. B. Ed.) is also working as an Assistant professor in the department. He has conferred upon by the “Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rashriya Shikshak Sanman Puraskar”.

The library is enriched with about 1618 books on History. Dr. Mrs. D. D. Sawale has her personal library of 540 books.

The department has also established “History Association” to facilitate the research aptitude of History.

The department is one of the promising departments in our college.

Sr. No University/ Board Courses The year of Establishment
1 B. A. UG F.Y. B.A. History 1986
2 B. A. UG S.Y.B.A. History 1987
3 B. A. UG T.Y.B. A. History 1988
4 JR. XI History 1991
5 JR. XII History 1992


Sr No. Name of the Heads Tenure
1 Dr. D. D. Sawale 1986 to till today

Teachers List (Senior College)

Sr No. Name of the Teacher Designation Tenure
1 Dr. D. D. Sawale Head & Professor 1986 to till today
2 Mr. D. V. Manjare Asst.Professor 1991 to till today

Teachers List (Junior College)

Sr No. Name of the Teacher Designation Tenure
1 Mr. K. R. Deshmukh Junior Lecturer 1997 to till today

It is one of the departments in the college. It plays an important role in many activities. Every year results of UG classes are much better than University results. Many times our students have good ranking in competitive examination. Our past students are working in Research, Academics and Industries.

Sr. No. Name of the Professor Guidance to Ph. D. students Guidance to M. Phil. students Pursuing Ph. D.
1 Dr. D. D. Sawale 06 05 07
  • Book Publication: 13
  • Articles:01
  • Research Paper :18
Sr. No. Faculty of the Department Qualification Tenure
1 Dr. D .D. Sawale M.A., M. Ed., Ph.D. Head & Asso. Prof.
2 Mr. D. V. Manjare M.A. B.Ed. Asst.Professor
3 Mr. K. R. Deshmukh Junior Lecturer Lecturer
Sr. No. Plan of Action
1 Local History Project 2019-20
2 Study tour will be organized for the students 2019-20
3 To start publishing Wall-paper of History 2019-20
4 To arrange special class for competitive examination 2019-20
5 To organized National level seminar 2019-20
6 To discover more historical places in the region of Paranda Taluka 2019-20
7 Establish history museum in college 2019-20
• Counseling for the students.
• Visits to historical places like forts, temples, monuments, museums etc.
Year Class Date Places Visited No. of students No. of Teachers
2014-15 BA.FY , 07,08/02/2015 Osmanabad Cave & Naldurg Fort 30 02
2015-16 BA .S.Y 16/01/2016 Kunthalgiri, Mankeshwar Tempal 31 02
2016-17 BA.T.Y. 21/01/2017 Tuljapur, Tuljabhawani temple Yedasi, Ramling Temple 34 02
2017-18 BA.FY , 13/01/2018 Bemble & Naldurg 34 02
2018-19 BA .S.Y 5 /01/2019 Ter Musium & Temples 33 02
• Organization of national level conference and exhibition of coins and historical documents.
• Cleaning of Paranda fort on 24/09/2016 with 50 students.
• Principal Dr. Deepa D. Sawale invited as a chief guest for various programs ( 13 Times)
• Principal Dr. Deepa D. Sawale sponsored two programs.
• Principal Dr. Deepa D. Sawale is invited as a President for two programs
• Principal Dr. Deepa D. Sawale is invited as a key note speaker for two programs
• Principal Dr. Deepa D. Sawale is invited as a secretary for one programs